Terrorism is derived from the word “Terror” which means “extreme fear”. The persons who make atmosphere of extreme fear among masses are called terrorists.


 Terrorism is the crook movement and violence against peoplebelongings, and the authorities.” And its aim is to damage human beings and their lives and additionally destroy the financial, political balance in the united states of americathis is the quite simple and simple definition of the terrorism.

Causes of Terrorism

There are many causes, or we can say reasons at the back of terrorism, but the most critical are an injustice, mental illness, poverty, illiteracy, and upward thrust in populationmost of the people trust that religion is also the motive of terrorism, but I don’t agree with that due to the fact there isn’t always any single faith in the international which promotes terrorism.

Victims of Terrorism

The main hit of this violence is spiritual and ethnic corporations after which the authorities, political events, media, and companies. Their purpose is creating unease and worry most of the people and conflict among government and people. we all are the sufferers of terrorism, at once or indirectly.


Reasons of Terrorism

there are numerous reasons, or we can say motives at the back of terrorism, however the maximum vital are an injustice, mental contamination, poverty, illiteracy, and upward thrust in populacemost people agree with that faith is likewise the motive of terrorism,.

Effects of Terrorism
The effects of the terrorism are worse than our questioning. The maximum damaging effect is the lack of lives of the many innocent peoples. The infrastructure and the business are also at the loss. humans stay a lifestyles complete of fear and lose accept as true with of their authorities. The government has to spend a huge amount of money for the renovation of the infrastructure and at the medical also, so the financial instability of the country is started after terrorism.

Now the time is to cut the roots of the terrorism

Create justice and deliver justice due to the fact injustice creates terrorism. . Poverty is the greatest purpose of the terrorismSo, try to eliminate the poverty in case you need to put off terrorism.

With love, care and admire we are able to do the all due to the fact hatred gives birth to hatred, so we have to be united. unfold love and justice to cut out the roots of terrorism.  God offers us strength to combat bravely against  terrorism.


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